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The first step in digital transformation!

Governance.Business aims to simplify your business, by digitalizing and automating your processes, helping define and manage your business strategy and introducing a new way to work and collaborate, while providing you with the flexibility and visibility that you need to make the right decisions.

How many solutions do you use in your company?

Less is more.

Companies need to improve collaboration between all teams, by introducing process automation which leads to high quality information in the organization, thus having the possibility to take better operational and strategic decisions. Having multiple solutions where you do your work, means less data quality and analytic capability. If you reduce your solutions, you will improve your processes and collaboration between your teams and you will save time and money!

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Why a BPM solution?

Governance.Business is a software solution developed by InovaPrime.

The market is more and more demanding and companies need integrated solutions to support and improve their processes, data and the collaboration between all departments and teams. Governance.Business is the result of years of research and experience in implementations in different vertical sectors. Our goal was to build a solution enterprise-oriented, efficient, effective and improving user experience for an easy adoption.


Simplify your business!

Discover Governance.Business, a cloud based solution for you to manage your business anywhere and anytime.

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